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Ultra lightweight holey gaming mouse, SteelSeries TrueMove Air Optical Sensor, 40G Acceleration, Black Matte Finish (Onyx), 3 RGB Zones Illumination

Introducing SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse in the UAE to control gaming speed with your hands

The SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse in the UAE' ultra-lightweight design enables quicker and more precise reaction times in games where quick movements and wide swipes are crucial. While maintaining robustness and durability for the longest gaming sessions, the perforated case reduces weight by 18g.
Utilize a 13g lighter, 200-hour compact, high-performance battery in SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse. Redesigned circuits boast a 50% smaller circuit board while keeping their robustness. With the brand-new Quantum 2.0 Wireless technology, wireless data can be transmitted at unimaginable speeds while also being more stable, dependable, and power-efficient than before.

SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse Features

With its advanced features and responsiveness, you'll be sure to have an advantage over the competition.
With gaming-grade, ultra-low latency 2.4 GHz wifi, you can cut the cord without making any compromises, resulting in immaculate flick shots and the inability to tell that you are cord-free.
  • Ultra lightweight 68g design
  • Effortlessly fast gameplay
  • Optimized 200-hour battery life plus USB-C fast charging
  • Dual connectivity via gaming-grade 2.4 GHz
  • Multi-purpose Bluetooth 5.0
  • Pixel-perfect True Move Air optical gaming sensor
  • Aqua Barrier™ for water resistance
  • Protection from dust and more
Without a dongle, taking your mouse with you is as simple as slipping it into your pocket. Simply use Bluetooth to connect to computers and other devices.

Finding the best gaming mouse for your needs can be a challenge. You need something with great performance, precision and ergonomics, but you don't want to break the bank.

The Aerox 3 Wireless battery, designed specifically for reduced power consumption, offers up to 200 hours of continuous usage without compromising weight or performance.
The SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse in the UAE is the first gaming mouse to ever earn an IP54 classification, offering water resistance as well as defense against dirt, oil, fur, and other things. There is no need to worry about mishaps because the mouse is designed to protect the internal circuitry from almost all environmental harm. Upgraded dust and water-resistant switches that are rated for 80M clicks (3X the endurance of conventional gaming mice) deliver faultless clicks even under the most demanding situations, prevent double clicks, and enable you to make rock-solid next-level shots.

SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse Gallery

Get superior performance with next-level wireless technology and pinpoint accuracy.
Co-developed with PixArt, a unique genuine 1-to-1 tracking sensor designed specifically for wireless performance. The speed and accuracy provided by this 18,000 CPI, 400 IPS, and 40G optical sensor will enhance your gaming experience.

SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse Specs

With its ultra-fast response time and low-latency connection, it's the perfect choice for gamers.
100% pure PTFE was used in the design to ensure the smoothest swipes and improved control for extremely light mouse movements, speed-optimized on their top-selling QcK mouse pads. The standard USB-C connection is simple to plug in and offers quick charging speeds in addition to the ability to customize the mouse with third-party cable alternatives.
Sensor SteelSeries TrueMove Air
Sensor Type Optical
CPI 100–18,000 in 100 CPI Increments
IPS 400, on SteelSeries QcK surfaces
Acceleration 40G
Polling Rate 1000Hz / 1 ms
Hardware Acceleration None (Zero Hardware Acceleration)
Back Cover Material

Black Matte Finish (Onyx) | White Matte Finish (Snow)

Core Construction ABS Plastic
Shape Ergonomic, Right-Handed
Grip Style Claw, Fingertip, or Palm
Number of Buttons 6
Switch Type

SteelSeries mechanical switches, rated for 80 million clicks

Illumination 3 RGB Zones
Weight 68g
Length 120.55mm / 4.75 inches

57.91mm / 2.28 inches (front), 67.03mm / 2.64 inches (back)


21.53mm / 0.85 inches (front), 37.98mm / 1.50 inches (back)

Connection 2.4GHz / Bluetooth 5.0
Battery Life Up to 80 hours 2.4GHz
Up to 200 hours Bluetooth

Windows, Mac, Xbox, and Linux. USB port required.


SteelSeries Engine 3.18.4+, for Windows (7 or newer) and Mac OSX (10.12 or newer)

Buy SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse in UAE

This is the perfect combination of speed, reliability, and comfort. Get the best of all worlds at an unbeatable price.

The SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse in the UAE is the only option. It's the ideal option for gamers looking for a flawless experience because of its incredibly quick response time and low latency connection.

Express Delivery Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain


Finding a high-quality, reliable gaming mouse that you deserve. Learn more about SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse in the UAE.
What are 100% Virgin Grade PTFE Feet in SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse in the UAE?
These gliding skates are composed entirely of unadulterated, colorless PTFE (Poly-tetra-fluoro-ethylene) material. Its coefficient of friction is one of the lowest. By doing this, your mouse will move freely across the mouse pad.
How is battery life calculated in SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse?
Two wireless operating modes on the Aerox 3 offer various battery life spans. 200 hours or more are possible in Bluetooth mode. Expect up to 80 hours in 2.4 GHz mode. The mouse is initially configured in Default mode,' which causes the LEDs to dim by 50% after 30 seconds of inactivity.
What’s the difference between 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth in SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse in the UAE?
You can choose from a variety of polling rates at 2.4 GHz, up to 1000 Hz / 1 ms. Using a wireless dongle that connects to your device, will provide you with latency-free performance that is suitable for gaming. Any Bluetooth 5.0-compliant device does not need a dongle and has a default polling rate of 125 Hz / 8 ms.
Does the SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse come with wire?
Yes - the Aerox 3 Wireless comes with an included Super Mesh detachable Type-C to Type-A cable for fast charging the mouse. This cable also allows for playing while charging.
How much is the best price of the SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse in UAE?
EMI Starts from 58.75 AED/m 4 Months or 235 AED.

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