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Next Gen GPU Kit PNY NVIDIA A100 40GB in UAE- 40 GB HBM2e ECC on by Default, 5120-bit, 1555 GB/s, NVLink: 2-Way, 2-Slot, 600 GB/s Bidirectional, PCIE 4.0 x16

The PNY NVIDIA A100 40GB in UAE Tensor Core GPU provides remarkable acceleration for the world's fastest elastic data.

In order to power the world's most performant elastic data centers for AI, data analytics, and high-performance computing (HPC) applications, the NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU provides unmatched acceleration—at any scale. A100 offers up to 20x more performance than the previous NVIDIA Volta generation at the heart of the NVIDIA data center platform.
The NVIDIA A100 in UAE is a component of the comprehensive NVIDIA data center solution, which includes building blocks for hardware, networking, software, libraries, applications, and AI models from NGC. It enables academics to generate practical findings and rapidly put ideas into production while enabling IT to make the best use of each A100 GPU that is available. It is the most potent end-to-end AI and HPC platform for data centers.

PNY NVIDIA A100 40GB Features

Featuring Multi-Instance GPU to enable elastic data centers to high workload demands.
The A100 conveniently meets the demands of various application sizes, from the smallest task to the largest multi-node workload, whether utilizing MIG to partition one PNY NVIDIA A100 40GB GPU into smaller instances or NVLink to link many GPUs to accelerate large-scale workloads.
  • NVIDIA Ampere-Based Architecture.
  • Structural Sparsity.
  • Third-Generation Tensor Cores.
  • TF32 for AI: 20x Higher Performance, Zero Code Change.
  • Every Deep Learning Framework, 700+ GPU-Accelerated Applications.
  • Double-Precision Tensor Cores: The Biggest Milestone Since FP64 for HPC.
  • Structural Sparsity: 2X Higher Performance for AI.
  • Multi-Instance GPU (MIG).
The A100 has enhanced dynamic random access memory (DRAM) usage efficiency at 95% and improved raw bandwidth of 1.6TB/sec.

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NVIDIA Tensor Core technology, which was first introduced in the NVIDIA Volta architecture, has dramatically sped up AI training and inference processes, cutting training times from weeks to hours and offering substantial inference acceleration. These advancements are built upon by the NVIDIA Ampere architecture, which offers up to 20x more FLOPS for AI.
With millions to billions of parameters, AI networks are large. For accurate forecasts, not all of these characteristics are necessary, and some of them may be set to zero to make the models sparse without sacrificing accuracy. For sparse models, the PNY NVIDIA A100 40GB in UAE's Tensor Cores can deliver performance that is up to two times greater. The sparsity feature can enhance the effectiveness of model training, even though AI inference benefits from it more readily.

PNY NVIDIA A100 40GB Gallery

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The_PNY A100's NVIDIA NVLink technology offers up to 600 GB/s of throughput, a 2x increase over the previous generation, to enable the fastest application performance on a single server. Through NVLink, two NVIDIA A100 PCIe boards may be bridged, and a single server can house many pairs of NVLink-connected boards (number varies based on server enclose, thermals, and power supply capacity).

PNY NVIDIA A100 40GB Specs

Standout performance and incongruous features. Your devoted gaming companion.
The NVIDIA data centre platform for deep learning, high-performance computing, and data analytics is led by the NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU. In addition to speeding up more than 700 HPC applications, it accelerates every significant deep learning framework. It can be found everywhere, on PCs, servers, and cloud services, and it offers chances for both spectacular performance improvements and cost savings.
Architecture Ampere
Process Size 7nm | TSMC
Transistors 54 Billion
Die Size 826 mm2
CUDA Cores 6912
Streaming Multiprocessors 108
Tensor Cores | Gen 3 432
Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) Support Yes, up to seven instances per GPU
FP64 Tensor Core 19.5 TFLOPS
FP32 19.5 TFLOPS
TF32 Tensor Core 156 TFLOPS | 312 TFLOPS*
BFLOAT16 Tensor Core 312 TFLOPS | 624 TFLOPS*
FP16 Tensor Core 312 TFLOPS | 624 TFLOPS*
INT8 Tensor Core 624 TOPS | 1248 TOPS*
INT4 Tensor Core 1248 TOPS | 2496 TOPS*
NVLink 2-Way Low Profile, 2-Slot
NVLink Interconnect 600 GB/s Bidirectional
GPU Memory 40 GB HBM2e
Memory Interface 5120-bit
Memory Bandwidth 1555 GB/s
System Interface PCIe 4.0 x16
Thermal Solution Passive
vGPU Support

NVIDIA Virtual Compute Server with MIG support

Secure and Measured Boot Hardware Root of Trust CEC 1712
NEBS Ready Level 3
Power Connector 8-pin CPU
Maximum Power Consumption 250 W
RTXA6000NVLINK-KIT provides an NVLink connector for A100 suitable for
standard PCIe slot spacing motherboards, effectively fusing
two physical boards into one logical entity with 21504 CUDA Cores,
672 Tensor Cores, 168 RT Cores, and 96 GB of GDDR6 ECC memory,
with a bandwidth of 112 GB/s. Application support is required.
RTXA6000NVLINK-3S-KIT provides an NVLink connector for the NVIDIA
A100 PCIe for motherboards implementing wider PCIe
slot spacing. All other features, benefits, application support,
and three (3) NVLink kits per pair of A100 boards is identical
to the standard slot spacing version.
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2016 1607, 1709
Windows Server 2019
RedHat CoreOS 4.7
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1-8.3
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7-7.9
Red Hat Linux 6.6+
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP2
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP 3+
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS/16.04/18.04 LTS/20.04 LTS
NVIDIA Virtual Compute Server (vCS)
8-pin CPU auxiliary power cable


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You can get a lot of questions about the PNY NVIDIA A100 40GB in UAE. Here are a handful of their snippets.
What is Multi-Instance GPU in PNY NVIDIA A100 40GB in UAE?
NVIDIA Container Runtime, which supports all main runtimes including LXC, Docker, CRI-O, Containerd, Podman, and Singularity, allows MIG across bare metal and virtualized systems.
What is PNY NVIDIA A100 40GB used for?
The NVIDIA A100 is a graphics processing unit (GPU) designed for data centres. It is a component of a broader NVIDIA solution that enables businesses to create extensive machine learning infrastructure. It is an Ampere GA100 GPU-based two slot 10.5-inch PCI Express Gen4 card.
How strong is PNY NVIDIA A100 40GB?
The 312 teraFLOPS (TFLOPS) deep learning capability of NVIDIA A100 is impressive. In comparison to NVIDIA Volta GPUs, that translates to 20X the Tensor floating-point operations per second (FLOPS) for deep learning training and 20X the Tensor tera operations per second (TOPS) for deep learning inference.
How fast is PNY NVIDIA A100 40GB in UAE?
The newest A100 80GB doubles GPU memory and introduces the fastest memory bandwidth in the world at 2 terabytes per second (TB/s), reducing the amount of time it takes to solve the largest models and largest datasets.
How much is the best price of the PNY NVIDIA A100 40GB in UAE?
EMI Starts from 4000 AED/m 12 Months or 48000 AED.

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